JWX20PE1001 - Silk'n Depilator elektrolityczny Jewel Luxx 200K

Silk'n Depilator elektrolityczny Jewel Luxx 200K

IPL, 200,000 light pulses, Touch&Glide technology, automatic light pulse system, Silk'n app, white
Remove hair the easy way with Silk’n Jewel LUXX! This hair removal device works by emitting pulses of light for long-lasting and painless hair removal, just like an IPL treatment in a salon. Jewel LUXX also has an automatic light pulse system, so you don’t have to spend as much time on your hair removal treatment – and you can enjoy silky smooth skin in no time!

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Producent : Silk'n
Numer produktu : 2945456
Model: JWX20PE1001
Ean: 8712856060993

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HPL™ technology: clinically proven and patented
Millions of people all over the world are using IPL technology – mainly in beauty salons – to enjoy long-lasting hair removal. Silk'n was the first brand to make light-based hair removal at home possible with the patented HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology. Our technology is clinically proven and recommended by leading dermatologists as safe, easy and effective. The device is easy to use and results in up to 92.3% hair reduction after six treatments with two weeks in between each session.

New: Automatic light pulse system for faster hair removal
This hair removal device removes hairs extremely quickly and automatically thanks to the patented Touch&Glide technology. Jewel LUXX features just one button for switching the device on and off and for switching between the 5 energy levels. This means you no longer have to press a pulse button in order to emit a light pulse. The Silk'n Jewel LUXX is capable of emitting 200,000 light pulses and has a multi-use treatment area of 3 cm² for effortless hair removal of the body and face. The device is safe to use thanks to the skin colour sensor, which automatically scans your skin: if your skin is too dark for a particular energy setting, the sensor will light up and will stop emitting pulses of light.

Free app for your smartphone and tablet
To schedule your treatments and not miss a single hair, you can easily keep track of them in your calendar with the free Silk'n app. By using an automatic notification, you can ensure you will never miss a follow-up treatment. Download now for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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