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Numer produktu : 3130374

Gillian Jones Beauty box in 100% recycled plastic

Beauty box in 100% recycled plastic from Gillian Jones. The Urban Travel line is designed and produced with as little CO2 footprint as possible. The beauty box can be folded so that it takes up nothing. The design is tight, and furnished with elastic loops to keep track of your precious care products. There is plenty of space in the box, which also has a large transparent space inside the top / lid of the box. The material is washable nylon with a fixed edge in PU, which means that the beauty box keeps its shape. A large zipper pendant that gives even the weakest fingers help with the opening. Large selection of prints, so you can mix and match what suits you best. Mix and match with make-up purse and cosmetic bag. We stuff the bags in Denmark to save on co2 during shipping, which is a big culprit in our joint co2 accounts.

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Producent : Gillian Jones
Numer produktu : 3130374
Model: 10064-792
Ean: 5713982008685

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