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MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds with Bluetooth 2-pack + remote

Automated roller blind motor for in your existing roller blind. Can be added to the smart home environment, but can also be operated manually and with a remote control.

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  • 2-pack for upgrading multiple blinds
  • Fits into your existing blinds
  • Operate on your own device via Bluetooth
  • Wireless, user-friendly control with the remote
  • Integration into smart home
  • Make your home safer
  • Save energy
  • Control indoor climate, protect interiors
  • Rechargeable via USB-C

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The Motionblinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds with Bluetooth for roller blinds is easy to install in your existing roller blinds with a tube diameter from 25-30mm. An adjustable adapter at the rotating end of the motor clamps itself automatically in the tube, and drives the blind. The wireless motor features an integrated battery, that requires recharging once or twice a year using a USB-C cable. 

Motionblinds Bluetooth motors can be set up and programmed in a minute by smartphone, drastically simplifying installation, automation and control of motorized blinds. Motionblinds Bluetooth safeguards 100% privacy: it works without bridge, without registration and without any cloud dependency. 

  1. Download the Motionblinds Bluetooth app
  2. Scan the setup code with your smartphone
  3.  Automate the window covering with timers

Create a smarter home
Do you want to automate the roller blind with preset timers, control it remotely with your smartphone, or connect it to a smart home system such as Google, Alexa, or SmartThings to make the blind work with other devices in the home, and control it with your voice through smart speakers? Then install the Motionblinds Wi-Fi bridge. This is available separately as an accessory. With the remote control you can move the window covering to any position you like and to a preferred intermediate position that you can set yourself.

Pull is the simplest and most reliable control option for motorized blinds. A short pull on the control chain activates the motor, after which the blind automatically moves up or down. If you pull the chain again, the blind will stop at any desired position.

Make life more convenient
Automated window coverings make life even more enjoyable. Wake up automatically to natural daylight in the morning. Create the privacy you want at night with just a voice command.

Safety always comes first
Smart window coverings make your home safer in more ways than one. First, you can make your home seem inhabited by setting a timer to automate your blinds to open and close at certain times, even when you are on holiday. Preventing break-ins and giving you that peace of mind. Also window coverings with Motionblinds contain no control cords with loops, making them ultra-safe for children and pets. 

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