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Catlink Intelligent self-cleaning cat litterbox BayMax Version

Forget about cleaning the litter box every day - the Catlink BayMax will do it for you! The Catlink smart litter box offers 3 modes of operation and has a capacity of 7 liters. The specially designed design combined with advanced sensors will keep your cat safe. You also don't have to worry about bad odor. It is compatible with different types of litter. A dedicated app will allow you to monitor your pet's health. It will be great for cats weighing 1.5-10 kg.

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3 modes of operation
Now you can customize the operation of the litter box according to your preferences! Catlink BayMax allows you to choose from 3 modes of operation. In Auto mode, the device will automatically start cleaning when your cat settles its needs and leaves the litter box. Want more control over the litter box? Choose Manul mode and start the cleaning cycle yourself at any time! A work schedule is also available - just set the cleaning times in the dedicated app.

Compact design
Thanks to its compact design and minimalist design, the litter box will fit perfectly into almost any room and will occupy only 0,3 m3. Built-in wheels will make it easy to carry, and the spacious interior allows your cat to use the litter box freely, without any restrictions. The low entrance makes the Catlink BayMax accessible to cats of all ages and fitness levels - even older cats or those with limited mobility will easily enter the litter box.

Up to 15 days without cleaning
The capacity of the Catlink BayMax litter box's waste container is as much as 7 liters, which means you don't have to worry about emptying it for up to 15 days. Now you can go on vacation with peace of mind, knowing that your cat will always have access to a clean litter box! The rotating design allows you to sift through the litter, separating it from feces and keeping the litter box clean. Changing the litter won't be a problem for you either - just replace the bag and pour in the right amount of new litter!

For the safety of your cat
Are you worried about your pet's safety? Don't be! Catlink BayMax is designed to provide maximum safety and comfort for your cat. The litter box is equipped with advanced sensors that detect the presence of animals with a minimum weight of 1.5 kg. As a result, if your cat enters the litter box during cleaning, the device will immediately stop operation and then resume when the pet leaves the box. It also has a special sensor built in to protect your cat from getting its paw caught. You also don't have to worry about the litter box tipping over.

Say goodbye to unpleasant odor
Get rid of unpleasant odors once and for all! The litter box uses a special deodorizing concentrate that effectively neutralizes and absorbs odors, leaving a pleasant smell. Catlink BayMax also features a leak-proof dirt tank that prevents unpleasant odors from entering the environment. What's more, the device is equipped with a mat that is antibacterial and scratch-resistant.

Dedicated app
Get even more options with the Catlink app. It allows you to conveniently manage your litter box remotely! It allows you to set work schedules or monitor your pet's health reports, including weight or defecation time. In addition, BayMax allows you to track the health of several cats simultaneously. The app will also let you know in real time when your cat is using the litter box!

In the set
litter box
power supply
roll of waste bags
deodorizing concentrate
instruction manual

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