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OnePlus Watch 2 - Black Steel

With the OnePlus Watch 2, Your Partner in Time, and our first Wear OS flagship smartwatch, we set out to meet and exceed every crucial aspect of what makes for a stellar smartwatch. Keeping with our ‘Never Settle’ spirit, the OnePlus Watch 2 is an elegant, rugged, long-lasting, and high-precision timepiece that makes it easier than ever to live a healthy lifestyle. Powered by a unique Dual-Engine Architecture,
the OnePlus Watch 2 features market-beating battery life of up to 100 hours in Smart Mode. It excels in advanced movement and wellness tracking too, all powered by the latest Wear OS. As Your Partner in Time, the OnePlus Watch 2, is dedicated to enhancing every aspect of your daily life, from the routine to the remarkable.

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Nowy, fabrycznie zapakowany produkt z pełną gwarancją producenta (informacje na temat gwarancji producenta można znaleźć na oficjalnej stronie producenta).


• Black Steel
• 47.0mm × 46.6mm ×12.1mm
• without the strap 49g | with the strap 80g
• 1.43” AMOLED round display
• 60Hz flash rate
• High Brightness Mode (HBM) 1000nit
• 2.5D sapphire crystal face
• 466*466 Screen Resolution
• Stainless-steel chassis
• Fluor rubber + stainless steel buckle
• Dual Engine Architecture Snapdragon™ W5 + BES2700
• Acceleration sensor
• Gyroscope sensor
• Optical heart rate sensor
• Optical pulse oximeter sensor
• Geomagnetic sensor
• Light sensor
• Barometer sensor
• Dual-frequency L1+L5
• Beidou, GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS
• Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
• 500maAh
• 5ATM+IP68, MIL-STD-810H
• Wear OS 4
• Smartphones with Android 8.0 and GMS 23.45.23 or later.
• Internal storage 32GB ROM | RAM 2GB RAM
• OnePlus Watch 2 (including strap) ×1
• Quick Guide ×1
• Charging Dock×1
• USB-Type C charging cable x1
• Safety Information and Warranty×1

Premium design and rugged elegance

It’s not just powerful performance that makes the OnePlus Watch 2 stand out from the crowd: with its understated and durable design, the OnePlus Watch 2 is an instant head-turner. Sharing the same design
language as the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12, the OnePlus Watch 2 follows OnePlus’ signature style to offer an understated and premium vibe in two colorways: Black Steel and Radiant Steel. Its elegant appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, and high-end materials, make the OnePlus Watch 2 both an excellent accessory and a superbly wearable smart device that adeptly combines the best in practicality, durability,
and individuality.

2.5D Sapphire Crystal + Stainless Steel

With a 2.5D sapphire crystal face and a stainless-steel chassis that has been both brushed and polished to bring out its signature texture, the OnePlus Watch 2 embodies both function and form.

The quality of both materials is self-evident. With a rating of over 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, the 2.5D sapphire crystal is second only to diamond, allowing you to put aside any concerns about scratches. Packing similar levels of strength is the rust and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel body. Much harder than aluminum, it prevents the OnePlus Watch 2 from cracking or shattering upon impact. Moreover,
the stainless-steel chassis is key to giving the OnePlus Watch 2 its premium, high-end appeal. 

5 ATM + IP68 Water Resistance

Constructed to withstand even the most extreme environments, the OnePlus Watch 2 meets both 5ATM and IP68 standards2, making it the go-to option for swimmers and outdoor sports fans.

MIL-STD-810H US Military Standard

If that wasn’t enough, the OnePlus Watch 2 is also built to the MIL-STD-810H standard used by the US military to ensure this equipment can withstand tough conditions and environmental stresses throughout its lifetime.

Whether you’re enjoying an active life, working in extreme environments, or you just love exploring in the wild or practicing extreme sports, the OnePlus Watch 2 will be your indispensable partner thanks to its durability, resistance, and the ability to go the extra mile in even the most physically demanding circumstances.

Market-beating battery life 

Equipping the OnePlus Watch 2 with a large 500mAh battery and the industry leading Dual-Engine Architecture ensures the watch offers exceptionally long battery life. Now, you can enjoy up to 100 hours
of usage time in Smart Mode with full functionality, or 48 hours of battery life with heavy use, or even as many as 12 days of use when running in the still very capable Power Saver Mode.

OnePlus’ 7.5W VOOC Fast Charging tech means that you can charge the OnePlus Watch 2 to 100% in just 60-minutes. In a hurry? No problem! Top up for an entire day of battery life in Smart Mode in as little as ten minutes. So next time you’re planning a weekend camping trip, just leave the power bank at home!

Unique Dual-Engine Architecture

The secret of the OnePlus Watch 2’s industry-leading battery life lies in its unique Dual-Engine Architecture. It’s what enables the watch to not only manage the 2 chipsets to jointly work together, but also switch
between two entire wearable operating systems. The Snapdragon W5 performance chipset runs Wear OS 4, and the BES 2700 efficiency chipset runs RTOS for the ultimate one-two punch in performance and
battery life.

The BES2700 Efficiency Chipset is always on and runs RTOS to handle background activity and daily tasks, waking up the Snapdragon W5 to do the heavy lifting for tasks like running Wear OS apps. We spent countless hours tweaking this architecture to help develop the most efficient power management in
an advanced smartwatch.

All to help save battery life and give you more time for your day-to-day fitness and wellness activities.

For those who prioritize battery life above all else, you’ll be happy to know that the BES2700 has also enabled us to bring Power Saver Mode to the OnePlus Watch 2. With Power Saver Mode on, the watch
can stay on your wrist for up to 12 days without you ever looking at a charging cable. And the best part is, nearly all of the smartwatch’s essential functions, including sleep and heartrate tracking, fitness tracking modes like swimming, cycling, and badminton, and making and receiving calls directly on the watch, are still available in Power Saver Mode.

The best of Google with the latest version of Wear OS by Google

On the OnePlus Watch 2 powered with Wear OS by Google, you’ll get the most convenient interconnectivity features, Google apps and services, and Google Play, as well as Fast Pair’s fast and smooth setup
with OnePlus smartphones, offering swift syncing and smooth multi-device interactions like never before.

Powered with the latest platform release from Wear OS by Google, Wear OS 4, the OnePlus Watch 2 comes preloaded with Google apps and services like Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Wallet,
and Google Calendar. Users can access a world of apps designed for the watch with Google Play built-in, including more Google apps like Gmail and Google Keep, plus more popular apps. It also works with Android phones with features like Find My Device, Fast Pair, and Google Home. There are plenty of ways to customize the watch too, through tiles, 20 built-in watch faces and 80 downloadable watch faces — just to name a few. With so many apps available on your wrist, you can do things like control your bedroom lights from the convenience of your bed or manage your schedule on-the-go with amazing convenience and ease.

Alongside exceptional connectivity with the Android ecosystem, OnePlus mobile phone users will benefit from more convenient connectivity with the OnePlus Watch 2, including the synchronization of the Weather and Alarm apps between your OnePlus smartphone and OnePlus Watch 2. 

High-Precision Dual Frequency GPS

As the only smart watch to offer both L5 and L1 GPS frequencies in its price range, the OnePlus Watch 2 is in an entirely new class of its own. What’s more, with two separate antennas, the watch is able to receive GPS signals from L5 and L1 sources completely independently.

L5 GPS addresses the shortcomings of L1 GPS with heightened accuracy of up to 30cm for precise location tracking and improved reliability. Thanks to the L1+L5 combo, location-based functions on the
OnePlus Watch 2 remain precise, consistent and less vulnerable to errors and signal loss. The dual frequency design also allows for faster GPS signal acquisition and real-time tracking, making it possible
to obtain precise measurements for distance, pace, and route mapping. On top of all this, it also improves reliability, so the OnePlus Watch 2 can continue to be by your side as your partner in movement whether you’re hiking in a dense forest or running in a concrete jungle.

All Your Fitness and Health Data in One Health app

When it comes to monitoring your health and supporting healthy lifestyle habits, there’s no better partner than the OnePlus Watch 2 thanks to its ability to collect and analyze comprehensive health data in the Health app on your Android smartphones.

As a comprehensive fitness and wellness companion available right at your fingertips, OHealth brings together a wide range of fitness monitoring and wellness functions alongside comprehensive, clear, and multi-functional health management and sports tracking. OHealth is the product of OnePlus’ long-term R&D into health and fitness, which today includes three dedicated Health Labs with more than 100 staff.

With Health, you can receive deeper insights into your physical condition through OHealth’s long-term reports. You can also tailor your workouts more effectively with over 100 sports tracking modes available, allowing you to create a fitness program that is as unique as you are. On top of all this, managing your smart devices, including dial modifications, have never been easier. You can now enjoy seamless connection and synchronization with various smart wearables and can choose from an impressive selection of 20 built-in watch faces plus an additional 80 downloadable watch faces that also work in low power mode.

Fitness Modes with Extensive Metrics

Thanks to its Dual-Engine Architecture, Dual Frequency GPS capabilities, and extensive set of sensors, the OnePlus Watch 2 excels in tracking your performance across a range of sports. The OnePlus Watch 2 offers more than 100 different sports modes and 6 different modes of physical activity, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing machine workouts, and elliptical machine workouts. The OnePlus Watch 2 does so much more than just track your fitness performance too: with its insightful recommendations based on your personal data (for running and badminton mode), the OnePlus Watch 2 is your personal on-the-go coach and your true partner in sports and fitness! 

Running Mode

The OnePlus Watch 2 makes full use of the Dual Frequency GPS to provide enhanced accuracy when tracking outdoor runs. By monitoring multiple metrics like vertical amplitude, ground contact time and
balance, maximal oxygen consumption, and stride length, the OnePlus Watch 2 is able to track exercise intensity with incredible accuracy. This is not only useful for helping you stay in your targeted heart rate
zone, but it can also provide valuable insights about your running technique that can led to impressive performance gains. It can even help you reduce the risk of injury, for example by offering suggestions to help you optimize your movement behaviors.

Badminton Mode

It wasn’t long ago that only professional sports watches were able to track badminton performance. On the OnePlus Watch 2, OnePlus has brought badminton tracking to the masses with the upgraded Badminton Mode. The feature includes new metrics to measure things like the number of swings taken and the longest continuous rally. 

Tennis Mode

Tennis Mode is made for those who want to take their game to the next level. Not only can the OnePlus Watch 2 track tennis-centric stats like the number of shots played, it can even go into detail on what type
of shot was played, differentiating between shots like forehand and backhand, topspin, slice, and more to give you all-new ways to analyze your game.

Skiing Mode

The OnePlus Watch 2 even has the mettle to be your partner in extreme sports like skiing, offering accurate, comprehensive, and detailed tracking of multiple data. Using the OnePlus Watch 2, you can track
stats like total skiing distance, ski time, maximum speed, average speed, vertical distance, maximum slope, and maximum altitude. For individual downhill runs, you can even track the time, distance, and maximum speed per run as you try to top your Personal Best every time.

Your Comprehensive Wellness Guru

With its high performance hardware and the help of the OHealth app on OnePlus smartphones, the OnePlus Watch 2 closely tracks a variety of health-related data and provides reminders to help you optimize
your lifestyle and cultivate healthier habits.

Sleep Tracking

With its exhaustive sleep pattern analysis capabilities, OnePlus Watch 2’s Sleep Mode is arguably the most beneficial feature for users to monitor their wellness. In addition to tracking different levels of sleep
(deep sleep, light sleep, REM, awake) and rating your sleep quality with a score, the OnePlus Watch 2 can also monitor your sleep breathing rate, assesses your snoring risk, and measure sleep blood oxygen levels.

The OnePlus Watch 2 also integrates with your sleep routine through other thoughtful features like a smart sleep mode that minimizes disturbances like notifications as you sleep. Through its vast suite of
sleep-related features, OnePlus Watch 2 is there to help you actively improve your sleep through useful recommendations across all aspects of your life. 

Stress Monitoring

Stress is a hugely significant factor in overall mental wellbeing, so we’ve incorporated an advanced stress monitor into the OnePlus Watch 2 to help you monitor and take steps to reduce your stress levels. By measuring heart rate variability (HRV) over time and using that data to calculate a stress score, the OnePlus Watch 2 makes it possible to visualize your stress levels over a given time period, helping you to be more mindful of stress triggers so that you can better manage them and reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Sluchawki, zestaw sluchawkowy

Smartwatch - akcesoria

Telefon - adapter i ladowarka

Kabel USB

Numer produktu
Do strony producenta
Opis produktu
OnePlus Watch 2 inteligentny zegarek z pasek - 32 GB - czarny stalowy
Typ produktu
Inteligentny zegarek
Aktywność / sport
Różne sporty
Dane trasowania
Odległość, prędkość, tętno, ilość pokonanych stopni, saturacja krwi tętniczej tlenem, fazy snu, tempo, poziom napięcia, wysokość, częstotliwość oddychania, okres snu, chrapanie, wysokość bezwzględna, mierniki pływania, czas odzyskiwania, efekt treningowy, wynik jakości snu, długość kroku
NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Odbiornik GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou/QZSS
AMOLED - 1.43" - 466 x 466 px - 326 ppi - szkło szafirowe, szkło zaokrąglone 2,5D - always-on display
Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1
32 GB
System operacyjny
Wear OS 4.0 by Google + RTOS
Okrągły - 46 mm - stainless steel, włókno szklane i kompozyt plastikowy
Pasek - guma fluorokarbonowa
Inteligentny Asystent
Asystent Google
Czuły ekran dotykowy, przycisk jednodotykowy, przycisk boczny
Pasuje na Nadgarstki o Obwodzie
140-210 mm
Połączenia przychodzące, wysoki i niski puls
Bez użycia rąk, sterowanie odtwarzaniem muzyki, personalizowane tarcze zegarków, Nawigacja dwupasmowa, jasność: 600 nitów
Obsługiwany system operacyjny urządzenia hostującego
Nadające się do powtórnego ładowania 500 mAh
Czarny stalowy
Wymiary (szer./głęb./wys.)
46.6 mm x 12.1 mm
47 mm


Typ produktu
Inteligentny zegarek
Obsługiwany system operacyjny urządzenia hostującego
Android 8.0 (Oreo) lub nowsza wersja
Połączenia przychodzące, wysoki i niski puls
Odbiornik GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou/QZSS
Aktywność / sport
Różne sporty
Dane trasowania
Odległość, prędkość, tętno, ilość pokonanych stopni, saturacja krwi tętniczej tlenem, fazy snu, tempo, poziom napięcia, wysokość, częstotliwość oddychania, okres snu, chrapanie, wysokość bezwzględna, mierniki pływania, czas odzyskiwania, efekt treningowy, wynik jakości snu, długość kroku
100+ trybów sportowych
Wejście sygnału audio
Wyjście sygnału audio
System operacyjny
Wear OS 4.0 by Google + RTOS
Styl noszenia
Styl zegarka
Typ Informacji Zwrotnej
Alert dźwiękowy, interfejs wizualny
Wyświetlacz zegara
Ustaw cele
Czarny stalowy
Przyspieszeniomierz, barometr, czujnik geomagnetyczny, maks. VO2, optyczny czujnik serca, pulsoksymetr optyczny, czujnik światła, żyroskop
Bez użycia rąk, sterowanie odtwarzaniem muzyki, personalizowane tarcze zegarków, Nawigacja dwupasmowa, jasność: 600 nitów


32 GB


AMOLED - kolor
466 x 466 px
Rozmiar przekątnej
Szkło szafirowe, szkło zaokrąglone 2,5D
Gęstość pikseli
326 ppi
Always On Display (AOD)


Interfejs bezprzewodowy
NFC, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Profile Bluetooth
Profil Głośnomówiący (HFP), Profil dla Bezprzewodowego Zestawu Słuchawkowego (HSP), Profil Wirtualnego Portu Szeregowego (SPP), Profil Zaawansowanej Dystrybucji Audio (A2DP), Profil Zdalnego Sterowania Audio/Wideo (AVRCP)

Urządzenie wejściowe

Czuły ekran dotykowy, przycisk jednodotykowy, przycisk boczny


Snapdragon W5 Gen 1


2 GB


Akumulator Wymienny
500 mAh
Czas ładowania
60 min.
Szczegóły czasu pracy
Tryb inteligentny - do 100 godzina(y)
Intensywna eksploatacja w trybie inteligentnym - do 48 godzina(y)
Tryb oszczędzania energii - do 12 dni

Etui na Smart Watch

Kształt obudowy
Rozmiar Etui
46 mm


Pasuje na Nadgarstki o Obwodzie
140-210 mm
Typ zapięcia
Guma fluorokarbonowa

Wymiary i waga

47 mm
Zawiera czujnik PPG: 46.6 mm 13.65 mm x 47 mm

Internet rzeczy (IoT)

Zgodność z Internetem Przedmiotów (IoT)
Asystent Inteligentny
Asystent Google


Wstępnie załadowane oprogramowanie
Stopwatch, Alarm Clock, Gmail, Google Calendar, Weather, Google Maps, Timer, Compass, Flashlight, Google Messages, Google Wallet
Ostrzeganie wibracyjne
Materiał obudowy
Stainless steel, włókno szklane i kompozyt plastikowy
Wodoodporny, odporność na pył
Zgodność z normami
IP68, MIL-STD-810H
Dołączone akcesoria
Kabel ładujący USB, podstawa ładująca

Powyższe informacje / specyfikacje są wskazówkami i mogą zostać zmienione przez producenta bez powiadomienia. Z zastrzeżeniem błędów w druku i obrazów orientacyjnych. Niektóre teksty są generowane automatycznie lub tłumaczone maszynowo i mogą posiadać błędy lub mogą być mylące.