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Einhell Kosiarka automatyczna FREELEXO CAM 500

The FREELEXO CAM 500 robotic lawn mower is ready for immediate use thanks to the supplied accessories. In addition to the charging station and a set of 3 replacement blades, a complete installation set is included. The 12 m guide cable, 25 fastening hooks and 2 connecting clamps are recommended for large areas of up to 500 m². The FREELEXO CAM 500 also comes with 5 m magnetic tape and a 3.0 Ah Power X-Change battery.

•    Member of the Power X-Change family, 1x 18V battery required
•    Brushless motor - more power and longer runtime
•    Robotic mower detects mowing area thanks to integrated camera
•    Intuitive keypad and LED display
•    Programmable mowing times
•    Safety sensor with shock, tilt and lift sensors
•    Return to charging station and charging process automatically
•    Integrated rain sensor
•    Theft protection thanks to PIN code
•    Cutting height adjustment: 20 - 60 mm
•    Suitable for slopes up to 25%
•    Including magnetic tape for short-term demarcation in the garden
•    Carrying handle for comfortable transport
•    Lawns up to 500 m²
•    12 m guide cable for easy installation around the charging station
•    25x fixing hooks
•    2x connecting clamps and 3x spare blades
•    Supplied with 1x 3.0 Ah PXC battery and charging station


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Nowy, fabrycznie zapakowany produkt. Oferujemy dwuletnią rękojmię dla klientów prywatnych i jednoosobowych działalności gospodarczych oraz roczną rękojmię dla klientów biznesowych.

The Einhell FREELEXO CAM 500 is part of the powerful Power X-Change family, which offers unlimited flexibility within the system family. The lithium-ion batteries of the series can be combined with all system devices. Using an integrated camera, the FREELEXO CAM 500 recognizes the boundaries of the lawn to be mowed by detecting lawns based on colours and structures. Physical boundaries, for example walls, hedges or trees, are detected by integrated ultrasonic sensors, while the camera detects optical boundaries such as bark mulch, tar and stones. This saves the time-consuming and tedious installation of a boundry wire and the robotic lawn mower can start immediately. Thanks to the camera, the robotic lawn mower also detects surfaces and, with the shock and obstacle sensors, including obstacles that are higher than 10 cm. The 5-metre magnetic tape included in the scope of delivery also serves as a virtual boundary for the robotic lawnmower once it has been laid out in the garden. The magnetic sensors in the FREELEXO CAM recognise the magnetic tape so that the robotic lawnmower turns off at the boundary of the tape. In this way, areas that are not to be mown can be demarcated at short notice with the help of the magnetic force, for example in the case of a freshly planted tree or a flower meadow. In addition, it has an LED display and an intuitively operable keypad with which the mowing times can be programmed. The lawn robot is protected against theft by a pin code and the warning signal. The return to the charging station and also the charging process take place automatically if necessary. There is also a rain sensor integrated. The robotic lawn mower has a 20 mm to 60 mm cutting height adjustment and is suitable for gradients of up to 25%. The carrying handle ensures comfortable transport. The FREELEXO CAM 500 comes with everything you need for installation and operation. It is designed for a lawn area of up to 500 m². Delivery includes a 3.0 Ah battery, a charging station, 3 spare blades, 12 m guide cable, 5 m magnetic tape, 25 fixing hooks and 2 connecting clamps.

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