Do you live in a house or a flat? Is it old or new? Qubino solutions can turn any home into a smart one. Make your life easier, make it smarter.

What can you automate with Qubino products?

Who is Qubino?

An EU based innovator and manufacturer of Z-Wave smart home devices. Qubino smart home solutions are the smallest Z-Wave devices in the world with the easiest and quickest installation possible. Innovation and simplicity define our team.

How it works?

Qubino wireless smart home devices are developed on world-known technology for smart homes – Z-Wave. Which means the Qubino devices connect to a smart home hub (gateway) that also works on Z-Wave technology. Through the gateway’s App, you add Qubino devices to the smart home network and control them with the smartphone or set schedules that automatically trigger devices on/off.

Search for new devices on your Z-Wave gateway and include Qubino in the Z-Wave network

Check out one of the installation videos

Who is Qubino

Qubino products are engineered and manufactured in the EU and contain only the highest quality components.

Qubino is GOAP’s trademark. GOAP company has more than 30 years of experience in automation projects and a proven track record in successful implementation of automation systems on 50% of the biggest and most luxurious cruise ships on the planet.

Innovation is our core value and rooted in everything we do. We strive to constantly improve and introduce novelties, ahead of time. Some of our products are worldwide unique. To constantly bring new ideas to life, we collaborate with universities and research centres.

Qubino guarantees 100% device quality. Such a high quality can be delivered because every Qubino product goes through rigorous quality control standards throughout the production process. Every device gets a unique serial number and a part number, only after it goes through a strict testing procedure. Qubino products comply with EU directives, to ensure the highest safety standards.

Our customer support policy advises that every customer receives an answer within 24 hours. Simply go to our support website and open a new support ticket. By telling us the product's unique serial number and part number, we will automatically review the production log file containing device parameters and information. This allows us to immediately identify and address issues, giving you the best customer support.

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